FOAM Injection for Nursing Graduates

Basking in the glow of SMACC 2013, I have reflected on how much we are limited by simply lacking knowledge of what is out there. Inspired by the likes of Mike Cadogan and his tireless work for a clinical utopia in which education resources are not limited by location GMEP, I have started a project to compile and screen some of the excellent resources available in the world of FOAMed and make them easily accessible to the novice (new to the nursing role or new to the inter web). I am sick of seeing the reinvention of the wheel in nursing education. The lack of awareness as to just what is out there has wasted too many hours that we could be delivering personal and real clinical education and leadership, rather than tucked behind a computer screen debating the merits of clip art.

So here we go. Please check out the new page FOAM Injection for Nursing Graduates (FOAMING). It is a work in it’s infancy, so feedback is really appreciated and I hope for this to be a resource that is not just for me but draws contributions from all the great people I’ve met over the past week.Slide1


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