About Injectable Orange

iphone backup 2 249My name is Jesse Spurr. I am Critical Care Nurse and Simulation Educator, Exercise Science graduate, husband, dad and fitness fanatic. I desire a little more focus on care in healthcare, the health will undoubtedly follow. I care about the work we do. I care about the knowledge we can gain and how that can make us deliver better care to the people at the centre of our industry. For me it is caring about how I teach and asking the question all the time: “Will this make a better outcome or experience for the patient?” I love a topical debate and am overwhelmed by the revolution that is #FOAMed. The views and opinions expressed are my own and are not intended to reflect those of my employer. I’d also like to acknowledge the brilliant photography of young artist David Loveridge. Check out his work by clicking the image below.

Photo by David Loveridge

Photo by David Loveridge                                                      Blog: http://davidloveridge.wordpress.com                      Twitter: @dloveridge514


2 responses to “About Injectable Orange

  1. Hey Jesse,
    Good luck with this blog. You were my clinical facilitator in my first hospital nursing clinical placement back in 2010 and I was inspired by your enthusiasm to pass on your knowledge and expertise. I have just started my Graduate RN program and have volunteered for a pilot research simulation project, which, at the moment, I don’t have any more details about except that it involves nursing graduates and medical students. I see you are a Simulation Educator so I was hoping you might pass on some tips or links that may guide me in preparing / participating in this type of project.

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