FOAM Injection for Nursing Graduates (FOAMING)

Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) resources organised for the ongoing professional development of the Registered Nurse from new graduate to experienced veteran. Think of this as a guided tour. Dive in, you won’t be disappointed.


Below are a list of core clinical competency areas with links to evidenced based practice articles, demonstration videos and procedural guides. Please comment on any topics you would like added. This is a work in progress so check back regularly for updates. Once the core areas are up, self assessment tools, modules and case studies will follow.


                  Nursing Times Clinical Practical Procedures Blood Glucose –

                  CDC Infection Prevention During Blood Glucose Monitoring –

                  Impacted Nurse Thunderbox Paper Normal Blood Electrolyte/Glucose Levels –


                  LITFL Lead Positioning (excellent videos) –

                  Tomorrow’s Clinicans Video (very simple how to) –

                  NHS Procedure 12 Lead Recording –

                  Dr Amal Mattu’s EKG Videos (fantatsic case studies) –

                  Impacted Nurse Thunderbox Paper ECG Locating Infarcts on 12 Lead –

ECG Dance (fun Video on arrhythmias) –


                    Hand Hygiene Australia Self Directed Learning Package –

                    Hand Hygiene LITFL –

                    ACSQHC eLearning portal –

                    World Health Organisation Five Moments of Hand Hygiene –

                    Personal Protective Equipment (Hawknurse) –


            European Resus Council Guideline ACS Management in Journal of Resuscitation –

                  Australian Resus Council 2011 ACS Management Guideline –

                  Assessing Chest Pain Accurately: Bruce Zitkus 2010, Nursing Journal (excellent article) – Article as PDF (150 KB)


                      ACSQHC Fall Prevention Best Practice Guidelines 2009 –

                      Visual & Auditory Impairment Simulation Software –


                    Impacted Nurse post on Mindful Drug Administration –

                    Impacted Nurse 8 Rights of Medication Admin (print this out and keep it) – Impacted Nurse 8 Rights

                    RMIT Nursing Calculations Resource (great resource) –

                    Medication Preparation (video) –

                    Medication Administration (video) –


                      Opioid Pharmacology –;11;S133-S153.pdf

                      Management of Opioid Induced Constipation –

                      MIGA: Risk Resource Controlled Drugs (simple fact sheet) –


                    Bloodsafe eLearning (excellent resource and common compulsory hospital training)



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